Oklahoma Wesleyan University is offering a Free Course* to all who attend the Inaugural JMI Conference.

The course* you choose can be taken at your convenience for credit toward a degree in Ministry & Leadership, and other course options may be added.  Courses may be audited in place of credit.

 *The Free Course does not include any enrollment fees or course required books.

Evangelism and Discipleship

What does evangelism & discipleship in the 21st century look like? What should it look like? This  is course is a study and implementation of a biblical model of evangelism and discipleship that meets the challenges of the twenty-first century._

Leadership Seminar

This course is designed as a forum for integrating biblical, historical, and contemporary ideas about leadership, and relating these perspectives to issues of authority, persuasion, and motivation. Take this course to learn about leadership effectiveness, leadership efficiency, leadership styles, and the learning processes and stewardship of others.

Christian Worldview

We’ve all heard the term “worldview,” but what is it, really? This is a course about  worldviews and the importance of developing a biblically based worldview today.  You will also be introduced to the task of apologetics so that you can more effectively engage with non-Christian worldview competitors in the public arena.

Ministry in a Pluralistic Culture

Contemporary culture is providing some unique challenges for the church today. This course will explore these challenges and help answer these fundamental questions: How do we preserve the integrity of the gospel today, and what effect should culture have on our approach to ministry?_



For those attending Both days (Nov. 14 & 15) or Nov. 14 OnlyREGISTER HERE.

For those attending Friday, Nov. 15 Only, REGISTER HERE.


*More Information about registration will be provided at the conference.


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